Pernoo 800 – High-quality Finnish airlaid technology

Pernoo 800 concentrates in designing and building airlaid lines and equipment.

Valkeakoski is the nest of the famous Walkisoft, the forerunner in airlaid technology and production, and a new home of Pernoo 800. The people behind Pernoo 800 are for the most part experienced people from that era, well known names in the industry with very long careers in airlaid business – both in machine manufacturing and in running airlaid lines.

Versatile airlaid experience

Pernoo 800 has a vast experience which provides great foundation for designing technology and processes, training the operators as well as serving in start-up of new equipment and machinery. Our new dry forming headbox has been designed to improve quality and output over the current 40 years old drum former constructions delivered today. This set-up of the new company will ensure and strengthen the continuation and development of airlaid as a viable nonwoven industry.

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Paavo Hyvärinen

Managing Director
Tel. +358 40 526 1814

Jussi Heiskanen

Technical Manager
Tel. +358 40 563 7095

Jouni Lehtonen

Director – Marketing and Development
Tel. +358 40 501 1395